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Hypnobirthing is a natural birthing experience that doesn't require additional medications, instead it allows the mother to stay in absolute control, in a calm, relaxed & drug free state. The technique is based on the idea that childbirth is not necessarily a painful experience & that a woman is well equipped by nature to deal with this event - it is anxiety & stress that actually produces the pain which leads to a heightened physical response, by the release of stress hormones that will automatically tense the body, hindering labour. The hypnobirth approach involves breathing & visualisation techniques where the client focuses on positive thoughts & suggestions placed in the unconscious during hypnosis. Essentially, the client will 'practise' the birth before the event, inducing powerful auto cues at the point of & during labour. By managing stress & anxiety, mothers can maintain higher levels of oxygen, helping to keep birthing muscles moving during labour. This reduces the need for pain relieving drugs including epidural & medical intervention such as c-sections. Hypnobirthing can drastically reduce labour time, labour pain & promotes a quicker recovery, it also makes birth a positive memory & produces a calmer, happier baby that is more likely to feed & sleep better.

The effects of this method can be long serving, as the client realises the power of her own mind, self control & therefore the capabilities of the body-mind correlation & the new skills that may well serve her indefinitely. 

We can also tackle post natal issues with hypnotherapy. Fears about raising a baby, parenting skills & low mood can all be discussed. As always, hypnotherapy will look at the root causes of this unhelpful mindset & seek to re-programme the thinking behind it.



Breech Baby Reversal

A breech baby can be born perfectly safe but if you prefer the 'traditional' way, we can use hypnosis to turn baby around. Clinical studies found that this method achieved an astonishing 81% success rate.

Most babies turn into the vertex position from around week 36. The hypnosis guides you into a relaxed state allowing the muscles of the uterus to free itself from tension, encouraging baby to turn around in a comfortable space. 

A recorded MP3 is also available for this & is ideal to listen to at home. You can use this as many times as you like in the remainder of gestation. Use the contact form to enquire about your recording. 

Conception & Hypnotherapy

One of the reasons for infertility is stress on the body. Basically, the constant release of stress hormones suppresses the reproductive hormones, reducing egg quality, delaying the release of eggs or inhibiting egg implantation once fertilised. Past trauma or beliefs can also be a factor, contributing to unconsciously holding back the ability to conceive. Life style is a major factor too, of course.

Hypnotherapy treats this in a holistic & overall way by:

Improving the desire to adopt a healthier lifestyle 

Calming the body & reducing stress & anxieties

Addressing any negative thinking or fears about producing a pregnancy & giving birth

Preparing the uterus for this new life & making positive suggestions for a receptive state


Get a head start on all of this by forgetting about having a baby & focusing on enjoying your partner! Stressing about conceiving will only release bad hormones & stop you from conceiving! 

Recordings are available for this, for you to listen to at home in your own surroundings. As always, use the contact form to make an enquiry.


Hypnotherapy for unexplained infertility can be used solely or complementary alongside IVF.


Birthing, breech reversal & conception hypnotherapy appointments - £70

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