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Personalised hypnotherapy appointments are £70

The sessions last around an hour or so. Before we begin hypnotherapy, we would have an initial consultation to ascertain the issues to be addressed & agree on a course of action. This meeting is necessary for me to take enough details to create your personal scripts, in order to achieve the best outcome. The meeting is currently complimentary & often a breakthrough in proceedings. It can eek out root causes & obstacles you hadn't though of. It offers light bulb moments & gives me the chance to then treat the root cause of your troubles giving you a much greater chance of success. A chance to meet, build trust & ask questions.

Most of my wonderful clients leave this appointment feeling empowered & motivated. 

Prepare to be inspired.

Courses such as bootcamps do not require a free consultation.



Coaching appointments are £60

These are discussion based (without hypnosis) & are great talking therapy. We would look at the presenting issues & work out ways of moving forward & reaching goals. Also good too for talking things out...getting things off your chest with an objective opinion. Cheerleading at its best.

No initial consultation required.



Refunds are at discretion. Please consider your commitment to this project - my appointments are extremely valuable, as is time; both mine & yours. While I appreciate life sometimes gets in the way, as much notice to cancel is required. I would rather you cancel than not show up, there may be other people waiting. Repeated non-attendees are very likely to lose their place & their programme reallocated to another client - without refund. 


You will need to provide a mobile number which will be used to remind you of your appointment 1 or 2 days beforehand. If you do not confirm this appointment by replying, it will be taken as a cancellation & offered to another client. ​


My schedule runs around a week ahead minimum so please place your booking with this in mind.

Because your appointments are personalised & unique, this timeframe is typical in order for me to write scripts & prepare adequately. 


Please ​ note & accept that payments need to reach me before services can take place - payment upfront. For hypnosis for example, once payment has been made, I will then write your script. This is necessary as script writing takes much time & effort & is only initiated by receipt of payment & therefore your commitment. 

It is unlikely a refund will be given - please, once again, decide if you are serious about your appointments.


N.B. For the moment, the initial consultation remains complimentary how ever due to timewasters & no shows, this is could be changed without notice. This is sad because it ruins it for everyone else - those who are committed & deserve my time. It may be that I have to start charging for this appointment or at least charging half a fee at some point in the future. 



Payments can be made in cash & bank transfer & must land 7 days before your appointment.


All services are essentially down to you, your willpower & determination, your attendance & punctuality.

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