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Personalised Hypnotherapy Appointments

I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist & I focus my attention solely towards females. I have been professionally trained & hold a worldwide accreditation & certificate provided by The American Board of Hypnosis (ABH), of which I am also a certified member of & registered with. I recently enjoyed my proudest moment ever, when I achieved my Masters in Hypnotherapy with a distinction, accruing 100% mark.

Being a female myself, I understand first hand the issues that are presented to us & that gives me total empathy for my clients. You can be assured of the warmest welcome, in safe, sumptuous surroundings & enjoy, simple, elegant, life changing hypnotherapy with complete confidence.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, drug free treatment that involves getting nice & relaxed which opens up your unconscious mind to new ideas & changed perceptions. It is completely harmless & you are in full control at all times. Everything will be explained to you so there won't be any surprises & your goals will be discussed & agreed pre hypnosis. I particularly understand nervous clients & can promise to proceed at your own, comfortable pace, so you can book your appointment feeling reassured & with peace of mind. 

My appointments are personalised, which means I will get to know you before your hypnotherapy begins. This provides me with the opportunity to collect all the information to write your personal script - this is unique to you, incorporating essential elements for the best outcome. It also allows you to connect with me of course, alleviating any worries & meeting your therapist before setting out on your new, fabulous journey. 

Quite often this first, initial appointment can be a breakthrough. It can offer up culprits to the issue which you hadn't thought about - the "oh yea!" moments. The "I hadn't thought of it like that!" statements that I find SO satisfying. From this we can then treat the root cause thus giving us the best chance of success. Just having the opportunity to actually talk, chat & discuss the problem can be extremely enlightening - we are far more likely to realise something when we hear it being said out loud. I love these appointments, it pleases me greatly to see my ladies leaving feeling empowered, motivated & more in control than when they arrived. 

What there won't be is mumbo jumbo terms you can't understand or don't want to hear, or appointments being unnecessarily sold to you for monetary gain. I am passionate about empowering women to succeed & prosper & have your best interests at heart, all the time, EVERY time. There will be no physical touching or annoying clicking of fingers in my sessions!

My services are general but particularly helpful for recovery from domestic abuse, gaining self worth, confidence, motivation & self empowerment. The good old anxiety & the dreaded menopause. The menopause is a matter that I have great interest in & personal experience of so I am adept at reading the signs the minute you enter the door & can confidently deal with the physiological symptoms you may present. A fan & cool water can be provided whilst you are in session.                    

Domestic abuse also rates highly on my radar & hypnotherapy can ease a person from your mind - yes, there's actually a script for that! So, for ladies leaving a toxic relationship but still under the mental chains, this is for you. Rediscover yourself & move forward with a new sense of rejuvenation, the future is yours to grab - gain the tools you need to go out into the big, wide world & live your best life!! You already hold the power in your own mind, imagine feeling strong & emotionally free to do whatever you want once that's unlocked? Girls, it's time to blossom.

So, if you're a female experiencing life impacting issues, whatever those issues are, please do contact me as soon as you feel ready. I am happy to chat with you in order to help you reach your decision but it may be worth knowing that recovery from any issue is around 93% successful using hypnosis over 6 weeks & I have witnessed incredible transformations in that time myself.


Face to face appointments are available in Staffordshire Moorlands ST9 

Initial consultations are charged at £35

Personalised Hypnotherapy Appointments - £70 per session


* Please note: this is powerful hypnosis NOT suitable for epileptics


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