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Weight Loss & Hypnotherapy​

    ​I can make you THIN...


One of the top requests for hypnotherapy is weight loss; it usually comes as a last resort which is a shame because hypnosis for this is very successful, in fact it it is over 30 times more effectivethan other methods with 90% of clients keeping the weight off permanently (Hypnosishealthinfo).

Hypnotherapy addresses the thinking behind any issue, so we can get to the root of the problem - there may underlying emotional reasons encouraging the client to over eat or another simple reason that has been overlooked. The appointments are non judgemental & an environment to vent. The hypnotherapist is on your side & completely congruent with your goals, tackling the problem & reinforcing solutions to this effect. Be prepared to answer lots of questions to ascertain your background so I can create a script for you. Be honest with your responses.


My personalised hypnotherapy is 10 times more effective than a generic script. 


This is not an overnight fix & I recommend 3+ sessions to start with. Each appointment is £70 & can be paid as you go once you have attended an initial appointment at £35. This initial visit is a breakthrough for many & I have consistently proved this in-depth discussion to be vital to your success. It can eek out the culprit as to why the weight is accruing & get right to the core, I can then treat that cause head on, ridding you of the underlying problem. Most clients leave this enlightening appointment feeling empowered & highly motivated & it is seen as a therapy session in itself. I guarantee you, it is an hour or so of your time well spent. I have lost count the amount of times the client has said "Oh yea, I hadn't thought of it like that" or the "Oh yes!" moment. 

I am confident you will leave feeling truly inspired.


We are looking to make realistic but long term, if not forever changes to the mindset here, which over time will become automatic. The more we practise something, the more the unconscious will take over as it is highly programmable & responds to habit. Most habits & mindsets can be drastically improved in as little as 21-30 days, so the sooner we get to work on the thinking, the sooner a new, healthier way of eating can begin.

Diets often don't work because by starving the body this only triggers the metabolism into slowing down to reserve calories. It goes into survival mode by holding on to what its got so rationing yourself is completely counterproductive. The more you do this, the more the body will learn to adopt this approach & keep you in slow metabolism because it does not know when the next fuel is coming.

They are short term false success that can keep you in a futile loop of losing & gaining. It is a costly method where you are simply shovelling your hard earned cash into the brand's pocket whereas hypnosis is an investment in yourself. And that's how diet brands make their money; a false sense of achievement is short lived followed by a feeling of failure when the weight creeps back on. So, you return to that diet because you lost weight on it right? And your friends use it too because they saw the weight loss. Great for the company, not so productive for you or your purse. You will only stay slim if you stay on this diet forever. Does anyone stay on a diet forever & not go bankrupt? Is that really feasible? 


A quick research session shows me that a leading diet brand offers a one month plan to lose one stone for £259 during that month. A investment of £280 for my personalised, weekly hypnotherapy in that same time period is likely to serve you a lifetime.


Hypnosis is psychological. It is reprogramming your subconscious while you literally do nothing. Wouldn't you much prefer relaxing in the comfy recliner I have ready for you, surrounded by scented candles & low light, soothing music in your ear whilst you slip into a natural, deep relaxation? An hour that is completely self care & is all about you? Did you know that this rest period was actually renewing, refreshing & regenerating cells in your body? Repairing & rejuvenating on the inside & out - that means skin cells too so great anti aging possibilities while you drift off into a lovely daydream that will take you wherever you want to go.


So, our appointments will be filled with positive suggestions to promote healthy eating, the desire to exercise & the automatic response to make different choices. Focusing on that ideal weight & perfect figure in our minds, we will be ready to accept those compliments, we will be looking forward to that special shopping trip for new attire, & a new mantra will be firmly set in place. The idea of maintenance will also be firmly embedded. Imagine that perfect blood pressure measurement & the lowered risk of diabetes, the prospect of a longer lifespan to spend with your family? You will appreciate yourself more & your role in life, & a new love for your body will encourage you to adopt better values, & remember - your behaviour is passed on to your children, I'd imagine you would want them to live as long & healthy existence as possible?


I can bring about solution & change. I am massively successful in achieving weight loss for my clients & am fast becoming very popular for it in the Staffordshire Moorlands; many ladies have lost weight using my blend of coaching & hypnosis & I'm confident I can help you lose yours.


When you are ready to take control, you can contact me via the contact form to book your breakthrough appointment.


* Please note: this is powerful hypnosis NOT suitable for epileptics




Just some of the benefits of losing your weight:

Drug free, permanent change

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Anti ageing
  • More energy & motivation
  • Fight off chronic illness
  • Reduce risk of diabetes & reverse type 2
  • Sense of achievement
  • Heightened confidence in your appearance
  • Live longer

Hypno Gastric Band

A harsher form of weight loss through hypnosis & only suitable for clients with a BMI of 35 & over.

This is a non surgical procedure, where it is suggested to the client, that they have had a real gastric band fitted. This option comes with an astonishing success rate of 80%, compared to 70% with the real operation & without all of the risks! The programme is carried out over 5 appointments, with the band being 'fitted' on appointment 4. The first 3 prepare the body & mind & will include hypnosis. This is a block booking which cannot be separated  & the fee for this £425, which is to be paid before we begin, therefore requiring total commitment. Appointment 5 is a follow up, where we will recheck weight & discuss adjustment of band, if necessary.

Complications with the surgical procedure can include infection, blood clots, internal bleeding & excess skin. Gallstones, stomal stenosis (persistent sickness due to blockage), slippage of band & even death. There are no similar problems associated with the hypno band & this amazing concept also addresses & supports the emotional responses, during & after, which is said to add to its long term success rates. Skin appearance is much favoured with hypno banding as it simply changes the way you eat, so you continue to absorb vital vitamins & minerals needed to allow the skin to adapt to its new circumstances. Fantastic!

Obesity claimed 30,000 recorded deaths in 2012, which could've been avoidable. I cannot stress enough that this is an issue which can be dealt with in many ways. The repercussions of holding onto weight can be infertility, diabetes, cancer, heart disease & strokes. Liver & kidney disease, asthma, back pain & sleep apnoea. You are accountable for your own life & ultimately, your own death if you do not do something about this now, whichever method you chose.

Our first appointment, as always, is a free, no obligation discussion. This is imperative & of high importance because this is a huge step in the client's life which may well yield results for the rest of one's existence, so we need to get it right. There is lots to talk about & there will be many questions, which I expect to be answered truthfully. Your honesty & belief play an integral part of its success. It is also an opportunity to meet the therapist & to gain trust & confidence & to ask your own questions.

I also request that you have paid a visit to your GP or nurse to seek medical advice before any hypnosis takes place. I will need your weight, BMI & a blood pressure check before we proceed.

I am a licensed & approved Hypno-Band® practitioner meaning that I have met necessary credentials of this licensing board.

Gastric band hypnotherapy course - £425

This method is a set course that I'd expect to wrap up within 10 weeks so thinking about commitment is paramount here because your appointments very much have to follow on.

As with all your sessions, a refund is highly unlikely so you need to consider this as a viable option.

I would recommend this to:

Clients who have had hypnotherapy previously & are comfortable with it

Clients who have tried all other methods including traditional weight loss hypnosis

There is no guarantee with any hypnotherapy, it is not a miracle cure & requires full attention on the client's part, it is a 'try it & see' scenario in which neither client or therapist can predict the outcome.

This procedure is not recommended for people with any of the following health issues:

Gastric problems


Thyroid irregularities


Clients who have not experienced hypnosis previously 

Please also see the courses page for Weight Loss Bootcamp ©  details - a short, 3 week course to kickstart your weight loss goals - a new & personalised combination of coaching & hypnosis that will leave you feeling completely empowered - £195

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