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Coaching & Talking Therapy - Empowering The Ladies Of Staffordshire One By One

Personal coaching for females here at Lucid; mindset reframing using NLP & various  techniques to bring about change & success for you, the client

Employing a coach or mentor of any sort can offer you an objective viewpoint & space to stand back & analyse the true core of the presenting issue; perhaps you're low on confidence, self esteem? Maybe you're looking for support & struggling to find a place to offload?

Competitive mentoring for ladies who need a confidence boost, a confidante or wanting to talk it out whilst enjoying a holistic approach in a relaxed but objective environment

Coaching is essentially forward thinking; creating solutions & plans to move forward whether that's health, wealth or personal goals. It's about success, achievements, meeting targets, making gains

Some people compare it to counselling - also talking based, very similar but...not!


Coaching can:

Help to build self worth

Believe in yourself

Project yourself more appropriately 

Gain better employment, begin a new career thus improving your finances & prospects

Enjoy better relationships

Change a negative mindset, body language, attitude & more


As you may know if you've read this site, this practice has a particular interest in those who have been touched by the hand of abuse & can assure clients of a completely understanding & knowledgeable service in the art of recovery

Talking therapy is so very effective at relieving trauma in itself & many leave my company feeling lighter, brighter & more positive!

Anxious clients are warmly welcomed, I am confident your nerves will naturally calm over our chat - I have a glowing record for making people feel at ease

There is time for you at Lucid, you won't feel rushed here or like you're just another client of many, you can enjoy a safe, personal relationship enhanced by discretion & confidentiality, I have always said that the best gift you can give another woman is time, a time to talk, be heard, be listened to, be believed

So let's work on those issues together, woman to woman & evoke some feelings of empowerment while you relax back on a luxury recliner covered in the furriest blankets, the sweet smell of success wafting in on the scented candles that surround you & a selection of complimentary chilled drinks to hand - imagine emerging from all that a new woman, with a new mindset, a new life beckoning you through new eyes?

Self care starts here, surely?


Private therapy & mentoring in ST9

Female led, female focused

Safe, camera covered ground floor premises

Access to toilet, fresh bottled water, sanitiser, tissues & masks if you so require


Coaching & therapy sessions are £60 per appointment to be received in full pre visit

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