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Menopause & Hypnotherapy

The menopause - a debilitating but natural life occurance for many women. It signifies the end of a phase, but the start of a new one. One full of wisdom & experience, maturity & possibly fulfilment & sense of achievement. But the symptoms can be evil & bring your whole life feel like it is crashing down. 

As a woman experiencing the meno, I know & understand first hand, how you are feeling. I know all about the lost confidence, the appearance worries, the sweats. I understand the emotional rollercoaster you are on where it feels like you can't get off. The lack of sleep doesn't help either & the embarrassment of a flush in public or the fear of that flush that stops you going out in the first place.

Hypnotherapy can help with the dreaded curse & figures offer an 80% reduction in symptoms. While hypnosis won't stop the natural cycle & is never a cure, it will, as always, change your response to the event. The first thing we may do when feeling the heat for example is flail our arms arounds, rip the clothes from our neck & start gasping. All this does is make the symptom worse & gives it air time. React as little as you can. Don't give it the power. Will waving your limbs in an undignified fashion really make things any better? In fact, it will only draw attention to you - the very thing you are trying to avoid yes?

So, hypnotherapy for menopause works like this:

An initial consultation which will discuss what your main issues are & how you want to change them. How you react to them now & how you want to react to them in the future. We can make positive suggestions to your physical & emotional responses & observe how your body has got you this far, has housed your children & provided you with your family. And now that it has done that, it is now a time for you. We will take time to appreciate it & all it has done for you & accept the changes wilfully & without resentment.

The menopause does not signify an end per se, only of your reproductive ability. It symbolises a whole new life phase that will utilise all your gained skills & experiences. 

Own it & grab all the new opportunities that are available to you now. 

We can also make motivate you to adopt a healthier lifestyle, a better diet & strategies for looking after yourself in a holistic approach that is likely to be instilled for years if not lifetime, reaping many long term benefits. Let's not forget the hypnotherapy aspect is completely drug free which is just fantastic.

Sessions are carried out in an empathic manner, you will be offered a cool drink & a fan is on hand throughout. 

Budget for around 3 appointments minimum at £70 each.


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